Hello Dear Voyagers,

I’m T.Bytes, a Tech Enthusiast, Science Lover and wannabe Futurist.
During my Voyage across the vast oceans of Bits and Bytes, I’ve come across many challenging waves and Endless Nights.

When I look back, I see many voyagers going through the same rough sea, trying to catch a glimpse, a ray of the future, deep dive into the Ocean of Technology, Science and Futurism.

This space is for those Voyagers, so they can’t be alone on this Journey.

See, we’re living in the 21st Century.
Technology is at its fastest-growing stage.

Future is at our Doorsteps, waiting for us with Her arms wide open.
Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Automation, Space Travel and many more exciting technologies are approaching us at Light Speed.

You’ll need a fantastic navigator to guide you through this vast ocean of bits and bytes.

So join us for the incredible delight of daily updates on Science, Technology, and the Future.

Together, let us find what Horizon has to offer.

See you on the Far Side, BON VOYAGE.

Yours Truly,

T. Bytes